Disney Continues to Push Leftist Agenda

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The once iconic family oriented Disney Corporation that under the leadership of its founder Walt Disney stood up for traditional American values has been moving to the left for years. The Disney parks begin holding gay pride days that drove off many traditional families because the gays were allowed to openly engage in sex acts in full view of other park visitors.

Disney has continued to push its liberal agenda by purchasing ABC News that was already a left leaning propaganda organ and ESPN that was also turned into a bastion for liberal opinion. Now, Disney is announcing that on its television channel it will introduce its first gay character in one of its programs designed for children.

Paddock Mystery Only Deepens

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Investigators looking for the motive of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock are not only not finding any answers, but they see the mystery getting worse. There were several laptop computers in his hotel room at Mandalay Bay and one of them had the hard drive removed and the police have no idea when it was removed or where it is.

Other things don’t add up like the fact that housekeepers were in Paddock’s room during most of his stay and saw no sign of weapons, and on at least one occasion he ordered room service and again there was no sign of weapons. In other words, there is still nothing to help police find a motive or understand what Paddock did in the room prior to the shooting.

Gowdy Wants Information About FBI Reliance on Dossier

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Representative Trey Gowdy wants to know if the FBI was relying on the false information in the Trump dossier when it initiated the investigation into alleged Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. The allegations contained in the dossier have all been proven false and if the FBI and/or the Department of Justice relied on it, then the investigation is a waste of time and resources.

So far, Gowdy has not gotten any response to his request for information from the FBI or DOJ and that is raising even more questions. Gowdy has said he will use Congressional subpoena power if necessary.

Major Networks Ignoring Uranium Story

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It has been over a week since reporters for The Hill broke a bombshell story that involved the Russian use of spies, bribery, extortion, kickbacks, and money laundering to get a sweetheart deal giving Russia control over 20% of U.S, uranium. This would seem to be a story that the mainstream media would be all over, yet all of the major networks except FOX News have virtually ignored the story,

The reason is obvious, the story also involves the Clintons, their foundation, and possibly other high government officials in the Obama administration including Eric Holder and James Comey.

Democrats Say Dossier Story in No Big Deal

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For months democrats in Congress and the media have been pushing the narrative that there was collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians that resulted in the presidential election being stolen from Hillary Clinton. After investigations by Congressional committees, the FBI, and Robert Mueller it appears that nothing has been uncovered to prove any of the allegations.

However, now that real collusion between the Democrats and the Russians regarding the fake Trump dossier has been uncovered, the Democrats are saying it was opposition research. In fact, the dossier was a total fabrication. That is not research, that is fraud.