Tech Companies Sign Amicus Brief in Wedding Cake Case

Oct 28, 2017

Some large tech companies in Silicon Valley plan to submit an amicus brief asking the court to rule that a Christian who refuses to bake a cake for homosexual couples is anti-LGBT discrimination. Yelp, Apple, and PayPal plan to sign the brief. More companies are likely to sign the brief. PayPal issued a statement saying, “PayPal is committed to preserving human rights and advancing the principles of inclusion and equality that are at the core of our values.” “We seek to defend against actions that violate our values, which is why we are signing this amicus brief with other likeminded companies seeking to uphold critical protections against discrimination.” The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear a case of “a baker who declined to custom-design a wedding cake to celebrate a same-sex marriage because his religion teaches that marriage is only between a man and woman.” Alternatively, the baker did offer to sell the couple a cake that was already made. He has declined to custom design many cakes for causes and events with which he disagrees.