Obama Campaigns In Virginia

Oct 21, 2017

“Democracy is at stake” in Virginia if the state fails to elect Democrats gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam, at least according to former president Obama. “America is a story of progress. Ralph Northam wants progress. He wants to take us forward, not backward. He wants to reach out for hope, not fear. We need you to take this seriously. Because our democracy is at stake. And it’s at stake right here in Virginia,” said Obama. About 7,500 people attended the rally. Obama went on to say that Republican Ed Gillespie is “dividing people.” Gillespie has proposed legislation to ban sanctuary cities. Northam responded saying, “This piece of legislation that was nothing more than a political ploy are [sic] doing nothing more than promoting fear mongering, hatred, and bigotry.” The Virginia governor’s election comes one year after the presidential election. It is considered a referendum on presidential politics. Republican Ed Gillespie is leading in the Monmouth University poll.