Roy Moor Campaign Asks Washington Post to Retract Tax Story

Oct 21, 2017

The campaign of Judge Roy Moore asked that the Washington Post retract a story regarding a charity that he headed in 2011. According to the story, the charity’s tax filing did not report in 2011 that it “guaranteed him $498,000 in back pay.” The Washington Post argues, had the guarantee been reported as compensation, there would have been a federal tax bill of more than $100,000. Campaign Chairman Bill Armistead said that “the law requires no one to pay taxes on income not yet received.” According to certified public accountant, “Mortgages and promissory notes for payment are not designated as income received until those moneys are paid. [I]ndividuals report income only when received.” The campaign chairman said, “The Washington Post should retract its story immediately and fire the reporters who cooked up this late batch of fake news.” The Washington Post has been doing its best to undermine Judge Moore’s campaign after his improbable win in the Republican runoff at the end of September.