Fusion GPS Fights House Subpoena

Oct 21, 2017

Fusion GPS filed a motion with a federal judge to stop a House committee subpoena that is seeking two year’s worth of bank records. Republicans want to know who funded the dossier and how much weight the FBI and Justice Department gave the dossier as the “basis of its investigation into Russian interference” in the 2016 campaign. The federal judge in the case gave the House Intelligence Committee “until noon Saturday” to say why the subpoena is needed to compel the production of bank records. Fusion GPS has been fighting to keep the name of the person behind the dossier a secret. The person is believed to be a supporter of Hillary Clinton. The document was originally commissioned by an anti-Trump Republican donor. But after Trump won the nomination he abandoned the project. Later a Clinton supporter got behind the dossier and funded it. Most of the allegations in the dossier have been denied by the president.