Retired Pilots To Be Recalled

Oct 21, 2017

The Air Force is short 1,500 pilots. Programs to incentivize pilots to remain with the Air Force have not been effective in retaining pilots. On Friday, President Trump signed an executive order to allow the Air Force and other branches “to recall as many as 1,000 retired pilots to active duty.” The pilots may be recalled for up to three years. Senator McCain said, “This is a full-blown crisis, and if left unresolved, ti will call into question the Air Force’s ability to accomplish its mission.” The shortages are as a result of several things including “competition from commercial airlines,” “delays and funding shortfalls in training,” and the increased work load of the aircraft and crew as the military extends itself across the world. Senator Lindsey Graham said the war against the Islamic state and al-Qaeda is expected to increase. He predicted more war in Africa. “You’re going to see more aggression by the United States toward our enemies, not less.”