Former Democratic FEC Chairman Ann Ravel, wants Individuals to be Fined for Sharing fake News.

Oct 20, 2017

Under the proposal, “political content on he internet, paid or not, should face substantial federal regulation to eliminate undefined ‘disinformation’” And users who share “fake news” would be punished. The current commissioner of the FEC said, “Ann’s proposal is full blown regulation of all political content, even discussions issues, posted at any time, for free or for a fee, on any online platform, from Facebook to the” “A fatal flaw of Ann’s proposal is that it cannot define what is, or is no, ‘disinformation’ in a political message. Nevertheless, it proposes to tag threats of libel lawsuits and liability to thousands of American citizens who might want to retweet or forwards a message that somebody else subjectively considers to be ‘disinformation. I call that the big chill.” Under the proposal to regulate political speech, a national database of “all regulated political ads and discussions” would be created. According to the proposal, the data would be “stored long enough to enable post-election enforcement.”