Republicans Urged To Compromise On Obamacare

Oct 20, 2017

Republican Senator Lamar Alexander told his Republican colleagues that it was time to change their stance on Obamacare. “I would ask what’s conservative about unaffordable premiums? What’s conservative about creating chaos so millions can’t buy health insurance?” He argued that it was time to embrace compromise and stabilize the failing Obamacare plan. 11 Republican senators have co-sponsored his bill that would restore cost-sharing subsidies through 2019. His bill would permit states to “offer catastrophic insurance policies for people of all ages, encourage agreements to sell insurance across state lines and streamline the process for states to obtain federal regulatory waivers for innovative health insurance plans.” The chairman of the House Republican Study Committee dismissed the deal. “The GOP should focus on repealing and replacing Obamacare, not on trying to save it,” tweeted Representative Mark Walker. President Trump has flip-flopped over the last several days on the cost sharing subsidies. He supported legislative efforts to restore theme and then tatted that he would “never support bailing out [insurance companies] who have made a fortune [with Obamacare].”