Schumer Pressures Democratic Colleauges

Oct 20, 2017

Senator Schumer asked his Democratic colleagues not to offer amendments on gun control and other unrelated things into Thursday’s marathon budget negotiations. The Senate Minority Leader attempted to focus his caucus on efforts to oppose tax cuts, “tax increases on the middle-class, cuts to Medicare or Medicaid, and adding to the deficit. Democrats have been trying to enact greater gun control in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting. Democratic politicians are under pressure by gun control activists in their party to bring up gun control legislation. "Democrats need to find courage and learn to speak to the issue. There’s a lot of anger in this movement about the response from Democrats right now. People think it’s totally inadequate, “ said Ladd Everett of 1Pulse4America. Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut said that he was “drafting a variety of amendments,” some of which related to gun control. “I would only put things on the floor that have the broad support of the caucus. This budget is so toxic on its own terms I think there’s a question about whether you want to take the focus away from this terrible [budget] vote they’re about to cast."