Congressional Hopeful Just Wanted To Practice Stealing

Oct 20, 2017

A Democratic candidate for New York’s 19th Congressional District dropped out of the race. Steven Brisee has been arrested multiple times, most recently twice in September. The 27-year old Democrat is facing criminal charges in two counties “for allegedly living in someone else’s empty house without permission and trying to stay almost $1,500 worth of clothes and other merchandise from a Kohl’s” department store. He announced on Twitter that he’d had enough of politics. His campaign spent $18,000, but only raised $850. No evidence has been found that he lives in the district he wanted to represent. Steven Brisee settled for mediocrity. Had he just waited until he was elected to Congress, Brisee could have stolen on a much grander scale by fleecing taxpayers of their hard earned money. By directing ill gotten goods to the right people, he might have gained great power and remained in Congress for decades.