Political Chaos

Oct 19, 2017

Two staffers for Arizona Republican Senate candidate Kelli Ward resigned recently. Dustin Stockton and Jen Lawrence were with the Ward campaign from May 2017 until September 2017. Both Stockton and Lawrence were reporters for Breitbart News. “After running her campaign, we’ve realized that our successful efforts to legitimize her campaign was a mistake,” wrote Lawrence in a press release. “Her campaign was such a disaster that we saw an opportunity to prove how much we can help struggling campaigns and we did just that,” said Stockton. The two former staffers said that Kelli Ward won’t be able to withstand the pressures of standing up to opposition if she ever reaches Washington D.C. According to Stockton, Ward is not to be trusted. “What we found is that she is willing to adopt whatever methods she thinks will work at the time. She will set anything aside in order to pursue her own ambition.” She is not committed to her grassroots supporters, according to Stockton. Arizona has many committed conservatives who could do well in a primary against incumbent Senator Flake. According to Stockton, the people of Arizona would be better served by someone other than Ward. Kelli Ward’s campaign offered no comment.