DOJ Possibly Investigating Russian-Clinton-Uranium Scandal

Oct 19, 2017

In the wake of new information coming to light about the Russia-Clinton nuclear scandal, Attorney General Jeff Sessions declined to confirm or deny if a new investigation has been launched. "Mr. Chairman, we will hear your concerns. The Department of Justice will take such actions as is appropriate, I know some people involved have gone to jail in that transaction already,” said Sessions. The sale of Uranium One to a Russian company gave Russia control of nearly a fifth of America’s uranium market. Key members of the House and Senate were not informed by the FBI about Russian bribery and kickbacks. “The Clinton foundation received millions of dollars from Russian parties with ties to the transaction.” Hillary Clinton and former Attorney General Holder both served on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). That agency signed off on the sale of Uranium One to the state-owned Russian Rosatom company. The Senate Judiciary Committee is looking into whether or not CFIUS knew of the criminal probe into the bribery scheme at the time Uranium One was sold. Former President Bill Clinton received $500,000 the same month the sale of Uranium One began.