California Group Tells Amazon to Avoid the State

Oct 19, 2017

The deadline for cities to land Amazon’s headquarters is on Thursday. One group of business owners from California however told Amazon to forget California as a location. The California Business & Industrial Alliance (CABIA) placed a full-page ad in USA Today warning Amazon to avoid California because of the state’s “onerous regulations.” The headline reads, “Dear Amazon, Our Weather is Nice. Our Business Climate is Not.” The ad goes on to cite the state’s Private Attorneys General Act. The law lets employees “initiate claims on behalf of his or her fellow co-workers and the state’s regulatory agency.” If there are any resulting fines, they get divvied up: 25 percent to the employee and 75 percent to the Labor and Workforce Development Agency. CABIA said that it is trying to reform the law and asked that if Amazon does relocate to California to please join the effort. CABIA said part of its job is to inform the public about the harm the law has done to employers. And “alerting companies like Amazon at what they’re getting into if they locate HQ2 her in Los Angeles.”