NFL Owners Clueless

Oct 18, 2017

In what was widely billed as an important meeting between NFL players and the team owners the outcome left a lot to be desired. First there were only eleven team owners present and while the meeting was claimed to have produced constructive dialogue, the real issue that led to the meeting was claimed not to have been discussed. This of course was the disrespectful attitude toward the American flag and the national anthem.

Yet, neither Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner who has been on all sides of the issue, nor the owners seem to comprehend that the fans that support the league and ultimately pay the salaries of the players are leaving the brand in mass. It turns out that the owners and just let the players dominate the meeting. Then the NFL told the fans to drop dead and that it supports the disrespectful players. This occurred the day after Monday night football had its fewest viewers ever.