London Police Plan to Focus on Serious Crimes

Oct 18, 2017

London police have surrendered to the inevitable. They will no longer investigate “low-level” crimes such as “shoplifting and vandalism.” In a time of budget cutting the London police say it’s just “not practical.” Instead police constables plan to be “focused on serious crime and cases where there is a realistic chance that we will be able to solve it.” Police plan to pursue crimes such as “offensive” comments online. Police arrested 3,395 people in 2016 for violating the Malicious Communications Act. This is an increase of 53 percent since 2014. Half of the investigations ended up being thrown out giving critics the opportunity to accuse police of being “overzealous in their attempts to take on so called trolls.” Former Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police Sir Peter Fahy, said as far back as 2013, the police did not “actively pursue” six out of every ten crime reports. “Crimes would be ‘screened out’ by the call center staff members of the public initially spoke to, if they did not feel the reports met certain ‘solvability criteria’ — CCTV footage [and] good forensic footage.” Britain is currently seeing a surge in crime particularly violent crime.