Democrats To Target Paul Ryan

Oct 17, 2017

House Speaker Paul Ryan will be a useful target for Democrats in the 2018 mid-terms. Democrats plan to go into conservative districts that President Trump won in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio and target Republicans. When Democrats go into those districts, “A message about establishment Washington Republicans is very powerful and does not alienate voters.” Democrats are “accusing Ryan and ‘establishment Republicans’ of ‘catering to drug companies and special interests’ in their Obamacare reform plans.” Democrats have created a website called It has the tagline: “Paul Ryan: Just Too Fancy.” Democrat Strategist Charlie Kelly said, “We’ve given this guy a free pass for too long. This guy owns the Republican brand. he owns the agenda. he’s the face of that.” The Democrat’s plan mimics Republican efforts in 2010 that ran against Nancy Pelosi and San Francisco values. Republicans flipped control of the House. Currently Paul Ryan is less popular than President Trump who is at 34 percent. Ryan’s approval rating will likely fall further as Democrats fire their attacks at him directly.