Police Refused Service

Oct 16, 2017

In Denison, Texas, two police officers were refused service by a Whataburger employee. The police chief went on Facebook to describe the refusal of service. According to the chief, the employee also cursed at the officers. The female employee claimed that “cops beat up my boyfriend and are racists.” A police supervisor found evidence of a “routine arrest” but saw no “physical altercation and no injuries to anyone.” Whataburger officials investigated internally and dismissed the employee. “We took swift action and this person is no longer employed by us. We’ve also reached out to the police sergeant to apologize and plan to speak with the other officers involved to apologize in person and make this right.” The police chief updated his Facebook post to reflect the outreach by Whataburger officials. “I was grateful for the apology but noted concern that as these incidents become more prevalent, apologies can be perceived as just a band-aid to a bigger problem,” the chief said. The chief told the local community, “We hope you’ll give Whataburger another chance as we will.” Whataburger has a long history of supporting first responders. After Hurricane Harvey, restaurants “delivered hot food to many disaster relief workers.” The free meals lasted for several days.