The Islamization of Germany

Oct 16, 2017

Germany’s Interior Minister is encouraging the idea of adding Muslim religious holidays into Germany’s calendar. “Where there are many Muslims why shouldn’t we consider a Muslim holiday?” The suggestion sparked a backlash from fellow Christian Democrat Union member, Wolfgang Bosbach. He said that anyone in Germany could celebrate whatever religious holiday they wanted. But “Whether the state should also protect non-Christian holidays with legal regulation in future is a different issue entirely.” A leader in the Christian Social Union party said, “We won’t consider introducing Muslim public holidays in Germany.” In 2015, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel said, “Ilam belongs to Germany.” But Germans take issue with Merkel’s confident assertion. The flood of Islamic refugees has sharply divided Germans. Half of German respondents in a University of Leipzig study said that “Muslims [have] left them feeling like strangers in their own country.” Additionally, “More than 40 percent felt Muslims should be prohibited from migrating to Germany.” Currently there are 4.4 million Muslims in Germany. The country has a population of 80.6 million people.