Hillary Clinton Accepts Award in Wales for Commitment to (Some) Children

Oct 16, 2017

Hillary Clinton received an award at Swansea University in Wales. As she exited her vehicle, the former first lady was greeted by boos and jeers. Someone also called her a “fascist.” Clinton was given the award for her “‘commitment’ to promoting the rights of families and children.” The law school was renamed the “Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law.” During her speech, the former U.S. senator inserted herself into Britain’s internal affairs saying that Brexit had “disadvantaged” some of Britain’s children and that the Brexit vote was the reason for “bullying in British schools.” “Teachers and schools are reporting an outbreak of bullying and racially motivated insults,’ she said. As a result of Brexit she said, “[T]he residency rights of half a million children, including many who were born in the UK, are hanging in the balance.” “So there are reports of children being worried, feeling uncertain, even unsafe. Trying to make sense of their places in the world.” While Clinton claims to support children, she is an extreme abortion rights advocate. She supports the right to abort an unborn child up until the moment of birth for any reason. Mrs. Clinton has been in Britain to promote her book that explains away her loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential campaign.