Legislation to Limit U.S. Involvement in Yemen

Oct 16, 2017

A small bipartisan group of House members plan to introduce legislation that would force the United States to remove American forces from the Middle East conflict in Yemen. The War Powers Act requires Congressional assent for American military involvement in an overseas conflict. The U.S. military has been providing refueling services to Saudi and United Arab Emirates jets. The airstrikes by the Saudis and UAE “have been indiscriminate and amount to a leading cause of the massive civilian casualties to date.” An estimated 800,000 Yemenis have contracted cholera. The Saudis have created a famine in Yemen and have denied medical aid. The United States is providing support to Saudi Arabia as a way to “give concessions” after Saudi Arabia opposed the nuclear deal with Iran. The legislation is expected to come up as a privileged resolution. And as such, the House is expected to vote on it right away. Supporters of U.S. involvement in the Saudi Yemen war are expected to undermine the vote claiming that it is “covered by the 2001 Authorization for Us of Military Force.