The Indispensable Senator Collins

Oct 16, 2017

Senator Collins announced last week that she would not run for governor of Maine but that she would continue to work in a bipartisan way in the Senate. The senator believes there is an important role for her to play in the Senate. "I looked at all that is going on in Washington today. The issues that we're dealing with are so consequential. I do play a key role as being one of those senators who can work across the aisle and actually get things done.” Senator Collins said that she misses Maine as well as being around her family and friends. She said that a governor “is [a] more hands-on job where you can do more to promote economic opportunities. . . “ But none of this was sufficient to persuade her to leave the senate. "I want to continue to play a key role in advancing policies that ... bring peace and stabilities to a troubled and violent world. And I have concluded that the best way I can contribute to these priorities is to remain a member of the U.S. Senate.” While Senator Collins considers herself a moderate, she’s taken extreme positions in support of abortion on demand and funding Planned Parenthood. She’s used her position and influence to frustrate Republican efforts to overturn Obamacare.