U.S. Should Stay In Nuclear Agreement Says Senator

Oct 16, 2017

Senator Al Franken went on at length on Sunday about the president’s decision to decertify Iran’s compliance with the nuclear agreement. Senator Franken said, "Our European allies, Russia, China, are not going to pull out so it will just leave us isolated. It undercuts our leadership in the world and, boy, with North Korea, this doesn't help.” "What kind of message does that send, that we abrogate every treaty that we sign, whether it's Paris or this? Or every agreement? This just undermines our nation as a leader.” Senator Franken went on to praise the Obama era agreement, pointing out that Iran is prevented from obtaining a nuclear weapon. To bolster his position, Franken cited the comments of Secretary of State Tillerson and other officials who urged the United States to stay in the agreement. "They have been saying Iran is in compliance and pulling out of this deal is bad for the United States and in so many different ways," Franken said. President Trump said that he was not pulling the United States out of the agreement . . . at least not until Congress fails to come up with ways of strengthening the agreement. Congress has 60 days to find ways to strengthen the agreement or impose new sanctions on Iran.