Communities Ready Their Development Plans for Amazon

Oct 16, 2017

Amazon is seeking to build a new headquarters. In an effort to attract Amazon’s attention, local governments are offering all kinds of deals. At stake are an estimated 50,000 high-wage jobs, billions in direct investment, and associated economic activity. Some localities have come up with gimmicks to attract Amazon’s attention. Stonecrest, Georgia has offered to change its name to Amazon if the company moves there. In North Carolina, officials have asked residents to ask Amazon’s Alexa if the new headquarters should be built in the state’s Triad area. All fun aside, Amazon is looking for incentive packages that will drive the final relocation decision. States are eager to propose big incentives in an effort to ramp up slow job growth that has plagued many states since the recession. Amazon’s facilities in 44 counties across the country generally support an estimated 2,600 indirect jobs in local communities such as restaurants. The winner of the headquarters competition will “need a major international airport, a workforce that is trained and capable of filling the thousands of new jobs, and the infrastructure necessary to accommodate all the new traffic.”