Millennial Elected As Head of Austria

Oct 16, 2017

On Sunday, Austrians elected their youngest leader, 31 year-old Sebastian Kurz. Kurz currently serves as Austria’s foreign minister. Kurz lead the nationalist People’s Party to beat the incumbent Social Democrats. The results won’t be final until absentee and the ballots that were mailed in are counted. Kurz benefited from the insurgence of migrants into Europe and drew support away from the far right Freedom Party. He promised to cut benefits for all foreigners in Austria and promised to end the European Union’s meddling in Austria’s internal affairs. Austria has absorbed one percent of Islamic migrants that poured into Europe beginning in 2015. “[T]heir presence in the country became the number one debated issue in the election.” Kurz has supported “plans to block refugee routes into Europe and supported a ban on full-face veils.” No party achieved the 40 percent needed to form a government outright. Kurz is likely to work with the Freedom Party to form a governing coalition government.