Senator Cruz Warns Republicans

Oct 14, 2017

Senator Ted Cruz was out with a warning to his Republican colleagues. The Texas senator and former candidate for president told fellow Republicans that if they don’t follow through on their campaign promises to repeal Obamacare and enact tax cuts, the party could experience a bloodbath in 2018. Republicans campaigned for seven years on repealing Obamacare. They took many symbolic votes to overturn the unpopular law. But when voters gave Republicans control of the entire government, they backed away from overturning the legislation. Steve Bannon on Brietbart News announced this week that he’s going to make sure every Republican senator up for re-election with the exception of Senator Cruz will face a primary challenge. The promise infuriated many Republican lawmakers. Cruz said, “We have Republican control of every branch of government, and we’re not delivering. If senators don’t want to see those kind of challenges, there is an easy solution to that. Let’s do what we said we would do. Let’s deliver on tax cuts and repealing Obamacare.” He promised that Republicans would have a great year in 2018 if they just follow through on their campaign promises.