Gas PipeLines Approved By Regulators

Oct 14, 2017

Federal regulators approved two natural gas pipelines on the East Coast on Friday. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast pipelines. The Mountain Valley Pipeline is expected to cost $3.5 billion and extend 300 miles. It has been met with severe local objections. Over the past couple of years, surveying companies have trespassed on private property and have been taken to court multiple times in a failed effort to halt the work. Activists in southwest Virginia have put up signs showing where the pipeline may go through their towns and lands. They are also worried that the pipeline will hurt the environment. Activists opposed to the pipeline argue that the terrain can’t support the pipeline. The limestone terrain is prone to caves and sinkholes. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is expected to cost $5 billon and extend 600 miles through West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina. Advocates for the pipelines say that Americans will have lower energy costs and the construction will aid economic development.