Congress To Impose New Restrictions On Iran

Oct 14, 2017

After saying that he would decertify Iran’s compliance with the nuclear agreement, the issue now goes before Congress. Some members want to impose “new standards restricting [Iran’s] ballistic missile program, arms buildup,” and Congress wants to impose more inspections on sites “suspected of engaging in nuclear work.” As well, the forthcoming legislation would end “sunset clauses” that currently restrict “Iran’s advanced nuclear research and weapons buildup” but will expire in five to six years. If Iran does not agree to the new restrictions, the country would face new economic sanctions. “The days of appeasing the Mullah’s every wish and sitting back and watching as the terrorist state goes nuclear are over,” said a congressional official. Under the new proposals, Iran would be restricted from “developing, testing, and operating ballistic missile technology.” It would be stopped from “installing advanced nuclear centrifuges that can enrich uranium.” In light of Iran’s deal with Russia to construct heavy water nuclear reactors, Congress is looking to impose restrictions on their construction. Plutonium can be produced as a bi-product of uranium enrichment.