California Wildfires

Oct 13, 2017

As fires rage through California, the number of missing people has risen to 670. At least 21 people are known to have died. Thousands more are living in shelters. However, authorities believe that many of the missing will be found alive. Property damage estimates report at least 3,500 businesses, houses, including 11 wineries have been destroyed in California’s wine country. Across the state, firefighters were able to extinguish 43 fires in a 24 hour period. In California’s wine counties, firefighters have been helped with substantially slower winds than they experienced on Monday. Any wine grapes that survive the fires and are harvested will affect the quality of the wine. The chemicals in the smoke cause the wine “to have an ashtray taste.” After the 2008 fires, wineries sold off their grapes “at big discounts to the bulk market.” In addition to the huge financial hit to the California wine industry, the French wine industry is “expecting to have the worst wine grape harvest since 1945.” A mild March and heavy frost in April damaged the French wine industry.