DOJ Warns Cities To Comply Or Lose Funding

Oct 13, 2017

The Department of Justice warned five sanctuary jurisdictions this week to prove they are “complying with federal law or else risk losing millions of dollars in federal grants.” Philadelphia, New York City, New Orleans, Chicago and surrounding Cook County, Illinois have until October 27 to demonstrate their compliance. Philadelphia shot back saying the Department of Justice “won’t be satisfied unless we actively join them in scaring immigrants out of our communities. We are not going to do that.” Philadelphia has policies that forbid “local officials from giving immigration authorities notice that a person is being released from custody” unless a felony conviction is involved. New York City’s mayor said that if federal funds are cut off, it will sue the Trump administration. New Orleans Mayor Landrieu declared that his city’s police department would “not be the federal government’s deportation force.” The Department of Justice blames “lax immigration enforcement for fostering a culture of lawlessness . . . “ Earlier in October, California became a sanctuary state. In response, the director of Immigration, Customs, and Enforcement promised to send in more federal agents into communities to arrest illegal immigrants.