Recall Effort In California Slogging Forward

Oct 13, 2017

Republicans in California are working to recall Democrat state Senator Josh Newman because he voted to increase the states gasoline tax. Democrats have worked to derail the recall effort saying that the effort misled voters into thinking that “it was a push to repeal the gas tax.” Democrats pushed to allow voters to rescind their signatures on the recall-petition. Carl DeMaio, a conservative talk radio host is leading the recall effort. "The Democrats are full of manure . . .,” DeMaio said. “They are desperate to prevent the voters from having their constitutional right to a recall election.” "They don’t want the citizens to be able to fire their politicians so they continue to change the rules, to send in bullies and frivolous lawsuits.” Three California counties have until October 24 to verify the signatures of those voters who have requested that their signatures be rescinded from the recall petition. Republicans consider Newman vulnerable because he won his election last November by a razor-thin margin. His election handed Democrats a super-majority in the California Senate. Democrats do not need Republican support to push through their agenda.