Bannon Promises to Primary Republican Incumbents

Oct 12, 2017

Senate Republicans up for re-election in 2018 will face primary challenges. A Steve Bannon associated group, The Great America Alliance, announced that it will back anti-establishment candidates in West Virginia, Montana, and Tennessee. One criteria for Bannon’s support is that they will not back Mitch McConnell for Senate Majority Leader. Other things that candidates are being asked to support is the end of the legislative filibuster and to support the president’s trade and immigration policies. Bannon announced that he plans to support primary challengers in every Republican Senate race except for Ted Cruz. More endorsements are expected in the coming weeks. Bannon told Fox’s Sean Hannity, “They have to understand something — just voting is not good enough. You have to have a sense of urgency. Nobody’s safe. We’re coming after all of them. And we’re going to win.” The Republican establishment is believes the Bannon effect is overstated. In Alabama, Bannon came in late when it appeared to be a foregone conclusion that Judge Roy Moore was going to win. “There was no ground game, no infrastructure, just the press ready to give [Bannon] more credit than he deserved.”