Republicans Claim Attempt To Repeal Obamacare Still Alive

Oct 10, 2017

Republicans in the Senate are still working to repeal Obamacare according to a group of Republican senators who co-sponsored the most recent attempt to overturn Obamacare. Senator Ron Johnson said that the effort to repeal is still ‘alive and well.” “I wouldn’t say it collapsed. It’s still alive and well, but we need more time.” Senator Lindsey Graham said that Democrats have supported block grants for welfare in the past. Graham pointed out that even John Kasich talked about entitlement reform when he was chairman of the House budget committee. Kasich came out against block grants from being issued to the states “to handle their own health care spending.” But he’d previously supported something like that when he served in Congress in 1995. Senator Cassidy said that Republican’s “block grant proposal was better than the one in 1995.” Cassidy went on to say, “I have every confidence that if this comes back up again, which I think it will — that as folks become more familiar with it, folks like John Kasich will say it’s a good idea.”