Hillary Clinton Pushes Her Book in London

Oct 9, 2017

Hillary Clinton is on the road promoting her new book. Currently she is in London. During an interview with The Sunday Times, she made it clear that she did not bear any fault for having lost. She blamed her loss on alleged Russian influence, the email scandal, and other factors. While in London, Mrs. Clinton chimed in on Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. She said that Brexit supporters believed a “horrible lie” and voted against “modern Britain” “believing that somehow this would be good for their small village.” Mrs. Clinton said that the vote “made no sense.” She said, “Brexit should have been a bigger alarm than it was.” She added, “It was some of the same people working for Trump, advocating for him.” Clinton singled out Nigel Farage. “He came to the U.S. to campaign for Trump and spent half of his remarks insulting me in a very personal way and talking about Trump as the alpha male, the silver-backed gorilla.” Farage mocked Mrs. Clinton’s excuse making saying, “and none of it’s her fault… in fact, she has never, ever got anything wrong in her entire life.”