Uber Drivers Turn Up the Heat On London Regulators

Oct 9, 2017

Last week Transport for London, the city’s regulator for taxis, denied Uber a right to operate its ride sharing business, saying that the company was not “fit and proper.” The regulator said that Uber was “flooding the car-for-hire market with incompetent and dangerous drivers.” Many of London’s Uber drivers are responding by accusing Transport for London as being racist. Many drivers for London’s black cabs are White, native-born Britons.” Uber’s London drivers are mainly “nonwhite, and many of them are immigrants.” “All these people say they’re championing the working class but what they really mean is they’re championing the white working class,” said James Farrar, a former Uber driver. Uber’s CEO was in London to meet with the Mayor of London’s office to get the license re-instated. Uber is allowed to continue operating while it appeals London for Transport’s decision. Thousands of people stand to lose their jobs if the new regulation is not overturned.