Russian Plans Retaliation Over Consulate Closure

Oct 6, 2017

Russia plans to retaliate after the United States ordered the Russian consulate in San Francisco closed. After the consulate was closed, American authorities broke the locks and entered the building. In a statement released on Thursday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry called the American officials who participated “intruders.” The State Department said that the Americans “took a ‘walkthrough’ of the Russian diplomatic facility.” The U.S. told the Russians to close the consulate in response to the Russians ordering several hundred embassy staff to leave Russia. The Kremlin “welcomed new U.S. Ambassador Jon Huntsman” on Tuesday. Putin made it clear that relations between the two countries are “below satisfactory” and pushed for relations based on “equality, respect for national interests, and noninterference with each other’s internal affairs.” Ambassador Huntsman responded, “I look forward to working to rebuild trust between our two countries and to strengthening the bilateral relationship based on cooperation on common interests.”