D.C. Will Not Appeal Gun-Carry Ruling

Oct 6, 2017

Washington D.C.’s attorney general will not appeal a federal appeals court decision that struck down a gun-carry law. Attorney General Karl Racine said, “I continue to believe the District’s ‘good reason’ requirement is a common-sense, and constitutional, gun regulation. However, we must reckon with the fact that an adverse decision by the Supreme Court could have wide-ranging negative effects not just on District residents, but on the country as a whole.” He went on to say that after “careful consideration” and consultation, he decided that the “wisest course of action to protect public safety in the District and nationwide” would be to not appeal to the Supreme Court. According to the appeals court, the District’s “good reason” clause was “designed with the intention of denying most normal citizens the ability to carry a gun.” There was a good chance that a Supreme Court decision would have overturned similar laws in other states. However, the Supreme Court may hear the issue at some point in the future. The circuits are now split because of conflicting decisions.