Private Aid in Puerto Rico

Oct 5, 2017

While President Trump and a Puerto Rican mayor have a war of words and blame each other for incompetence, pop star Daddy Yankee jumped into the mess and delivered aid. He gave “$100,000 in assistance to feed the people whose homes were destroyed, who were left without power or water after the hurricane . . . .” The money bought food for approximately 9,000 family in Toa Baja. Each family received 59 pounds of food and rations of water. While touring a food bank, Daddy Yankee provided 200 gallons of diesel to run the freezer’s generators for another week. The generators were within two hours of running out of fuel, risking 25,000 pounds of frozen food. Daddy Yankee said, “We got the diesel! We got the diesel! We can’t wait for the government.” If there is any silver lining in the disaster, it is that people will see how incompetent government is. When a private citizen can get aid to victims, it might revolutionize the tendency towards dependency.