Iran Nuclear Deal Up For Decertification

Oct 5, 2017

President Trump is not expected to formally recertify that Iran is in compliance with the nuclear deal. Secretary of State Tillerson and Defense Secretary Mattie have pressured the president to preserve the deal. However the president is reportedly “frustrated with Iran’s continued tests of ballistic missile technology and rogue operations targeting U.S. forces in the region.” By decertifying the nuclear deal, Congress would be able to impose sanctions on the Iranian government and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. The International Atomic Energy Agency is unable to determine if “Iran is working on sensitive nuclear explosive technology” because of the restrictions that Iran has put on inspectors. Senator Ted Cruz said, "If the Iranians are serious about a peaceful program, they need to prove it. Iran's continued refusal to allow IAEA access to military sites—a clear requirement of the terms of the deal—renders the JCPOA utterly ineffective, and, even worse, a sham that only facilitates Iran's acquiring nuclear weapons. This absence of any meaningful verification is yet another reason to vitiate this foolhardy agreement." Iran said that it would walk away from the deal if the Trump administration fails to certify that Iran is in compliance.