Unaffordable Obamacare

Oct 5, 2017

Half of Americans can’t afford more than $100 a month in health insurance premiums. A survey conducted by HealthPocket asked 1,225 respondents what the highest premium they could afford in 2018 for health insurance. Half of respondents put the number at $100 or less. 19 percent said they could pay $200 a month, 9 percent said they could pay $300. A 40-year-old nonsmoker is paying $350 a month for the bronze plan, $411 for the silver plan, $522 for the gold plan and $623 for the platinum plan. 83 percent of Obamacare enrollees receive subsidies. After taxpayer subsidies, the average premium in 2017 was $106. The average unsubsidized premium was $489 a month. Politicians in Washington are looking at offering a copper plan that would put the price of healthcare premiums at about $100 a month.