One Standard for Democrats; Another Standard for the Rest of Us

Oct 5, 2017

Democrat Senator Tom Carper announced that he will oppose President Trump’s nominee to the Environmental Protection Agency because of the nominees ties to the chemical industry. Michael Dourson was nominated to be an “assistant administrator for the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention.” Dourson founded the Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment nonprofit corporation and previously worked for the EPA for 15 years. Senator Carper said of Dourson, “This is the first time anyone with such clear and extensive ties to the chemical industry has been picked to regulate that industry.” Senator Carper’s objections are hypocritical. Senator Carper has in excess of $650,000 invested in energy stocks that the Environment and Public Works Committee regulates. A spokesman for Carper called the “efforts to cast a shadow of impropriety . . . [as] nothing more than a cheap shot and a diversionary tactic. . . .”