Three U.S. Special Forces Killed in Niger

Oct 5, 2017

Three American Army Special Forces were killed in Niger on Wednesday and two other Green Berets were wounded in a routine training mission. The American soldiers were training with local troops. Lt. Commander Anthony Flavo said, “We can confirm reports that a joint U.S. and Nigerien patrol came under hostile fire in southwest Niger.” The Americans have bene providing counterterrorism “training and security assistance to the Nigerien armed forces.” American troops continue to be in Niger as a result of President Obama’s “strategy to train, equip and otherwise support indigenous armies and security forces to fight their own wars instead of deploying large American forces to far-flung hot spots.” The Niger government is trying to stop the “flow of insurgents across Niger’s lightly guarded borders with Mali, Nigeria, and Libya.” The United States is using Niger as a base from which to launch drones to monitor Islamic State insurgents.