Belgium Moves to Expel Radical Imam

Oct 4, 2017

Belgium is taking the politically incorrect position of expelling an Egyptian Imam. The Imam preaches at one of Belgium’s most high profile mosques. Authorities are concerned that the Imam is “very radicalized.” He’s lived in Belgium for 13 years . "We have had very clear signals he is a man who is very radicalized, salafist, very conservative and dangerous for our society and national security," according to Immigration Minister Theo Francken. "Everybody knows there is a problem with the Grand Mosque in Brussels. I decided to withdraw the residency permit of the Imam of this mosque.” The decision to not to renew the imam’s permit was made in March. However he was able to extend his stay in the country by appealing the decision in the courts. A decision is expected by October 24. In 2016, Islamic attackers killed 32 people and injured over 300 other people. After the attacks, the Grand Mosque was forced to “defend itself against claims of ‘forcing practices of Islam’ and of developing a ‘hotbed for extremism.’”