Scalise Talks About Second Amendment

Oct 4, 2017

Representative Steve Scalise said that being shot has fortified his belief in the Second Amendment. He told Fox News that his armed security detail saved his life. Scalise gave his remarks in the aftermath of the nation’s largest mass shooting. He said that “We shouldn’t first be thinking of promoting our political agenda.” He said, “[T]he first thing we should be thinking about is praying for the people who are injured and doing whatever we can to help them, to help law enforcement.” Scalise pointed out that the proposed gun control ideas would not have done anything to stop the shooting in Las Vegas. “That gunman actually cleared background checks, so to promote some kind of gun control is the wrong way to approach this.” "Regular citizens that just have a passionate belief in the Second Amendment that have their own guns use guns every single day to protect themselves against criminals," added Scalise.