Senator Urges Trump to Decertify Nuclear Deal

Oct 4, 2017

Senator Tom Cotton urged President Trump to decertify the Iran nuclear deal with it comes up for renewal later in October. "Even if they were complying with it—even if it was fully verifiable they were complying with it, which it's not and which they aren't, it is still not in our viable national security interests because it does not block Iran's path to a bomb," said the Senator. Cotton is urging a renegotiation of the deal that would strengthen it and permit sanctions and military action. European allies do not want to reopen the agreement. China and Russia are opposed to renegotiating the deal as well. Iran’s leader said that if the United States abandons the deal it will “respond decisively and resolutely.” On Tuesday Pentagon officials told Congress that Iran is in technical compliance with the deal. However, there is nothing to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons once the deal expires.