Muslim Only Laundromat

Oct 3, 2017

In Malaysia, a laundromat is catering solely to Muslims. It is “designed to maintain ‘purity’ of Islamic clothing.” A sign plainly says, “This laundrette only accepts Muslim customers for reasons of purity. Any inconvenience is very much regretted.” The owner of the laundromat defended his decision saying, “For Muslims, it is not just about clean clothes but cleanliness as a whole. I am just providing an avenue for Muslims to do that.” A photograph of the sign went viral on social media, sparking a “debate over the growing influence of Islamic theology in Malaysian society.” The Sultan of Malaysia said that the Royal Family was “deeply appalled” by the signage. The Sultan went on to say that Malaysia is a “progressive, modern, and moderate state.” He went on to say, “I find this action to be totally unacceptable as this is extremist in nature.” Malaysia is 60 percent Muslim. Government authorities have sought to push for a more radical form of Islam. The government has censored film and music as well as imposing a “blasphemy law on the country’s non-Muslim population.”