Supreme Court Choosing Cases for Next Term

Oct 2, 2017

The Supreme Court will decide several big cases this term. So far the Court has accepted 39 cases for review. One highlight of the coming term will be the Colorado Civil Rights Commission verses a Christian cake shop. The owner of the bakery declined to design a customer cake but agreed to sell the same sex couple an already made cake. The court will decide “whether forcing government employees to pay union fees that go to collective-bargaining arrangements violates their free-speech rights.” In a Fourth Amendment case, the court will decide if law enforcement needs a warrant to take cell phone tower data that monitors the location of individual cell phone users. Justices will look at how politics influences the drawing of legislative districts. It will decide if a “political gerrymander” “violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.” During the opening week of the term, the court will accept several additional cases. In a normal term, the court will decide 70 to 80 cases. Possible additions to the court’s schedule include cases “involving public prayer, the Second Amendment, free speech in elections, and the reach of Congress’s power through environmental laws.”