Prosecution Tactics to Pressure Manafort

Oct 2, 2017

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s strategy is to impoverish Paul Manafort and threaten him with enough charges to imprison him the rest of his life if he does not become a prosecution witness. Attorney Sidney Powell said that Andrew Weissmann, one of Mueller’s prosecutors, “will want to maximize the trauma to [Manafort’s] family.” “I would bet the indictment will be right before Thanksgiving.” Weissman has put additional pressure on Manafort by calling Manafort’s former attorney and spokesman to testify before the grand jury. According to Powell, if Manafort does not cooperate, “they’ll indict him for many more counts, which will ratchet up his cost of defense significantly, and he’ll be looking at a lifetime in prison.” People close to Manafort think that the Russia collusion investigation has become cold and that Mueller’s goal is to turn Manafort into a prosecution witness. Nothing incriminating has been found on Manafort’s computers or documents after they were seized in a July raid. Manafort’s unpaid legal bills currently stand at $3 million. A trial would potentially cost millions and make a plea deal more attractive.