Senator Disputes That Trump is Accelerating Conflict with North Korea

Oct 2, 2017

Senator Joni Ernst disputed the idea that President Trump’s “threat to decimate North Korea has impacted Kim’s desire to achieve a nuclear weapon capable of striking the United States.” "I don't see that his words have worsened the situation at all. If anything, it has put North Korea on alert that if they keep moving ahead with their intentions of putting a nuclear warhead onto an ICBM, that if they should use that technology, then we're going to go after them," said Ernst. She pointed out that North Korea had been on a path to obtain nuclear weapons for a long time before President Trump became president. President Trump promised that he would “totally destroy” North Korea if the United States has to defend one or more of its allies from a North Korean attack. In response, Kim Jong Un called the president “mentally deranged.” The United States has sanctioned banks that do business with North Korea. The new round of sanctions comes as the president seeks to isolate North Korea from the international banking system.