Democrats Silent on Whether Menendez Should Resign If Convicted

Oct 2, 2017

Senator Bernie Sanders was not willing to say whether or not New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez should resign if he is convicted of corruption charges. Menendez is charged with 12 counts of corruption and bribery. A recent poll found 84 percent of New Jersey residents wanting Menendez to resign if he’s found guilty. Instead of saying that Menendez should resign, Senator Sanders said, "I think in this country, people are entitled to due process. I'm not into speculating what if that will be Menendez' decision. He has not been convicted. Let the process take its course." "In America, that's what it's about. You have a trial and people — the jury makes its decision. They have not made their decision, so I think it's a little bit premature to be talking about that." Many other Democrats in the Senate who have accepted cash from Menendez have declined to say that Menendez should resign if convicted. Menendez may have done “official favors” for one of is donors “in exchange for private jet flights, vacations, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions.”