Swiss Move to Restrict Islam

Sep 30, 2017

Switzerland may ban the foreign funding of mosques and require that mosques use local languages instead of Arabic or other foreign languages. The accepted languages would be German, French, Italian, or Romansch. The legislation was passed by the Swiss National Council by a narrow majority. The law will now go to the Swiss Senate. The Swiss federal government opposes the legislation saying that it “discriminates against Muslims by placing them under suspicion and fuels extremism.” Likewise, the federal government opposes the the use of local languages, instead calling for “freedom of language.” The law is modeled after a similar law in Austria that sought to “encourage a distinctly ‘European Islam.’” The Austrian law sought to “deter radicalization and foreign influence on the nation’s Muslims.” The spread of Islam to the West has been funded by Saudi Arabia. It has funded a perniciously radical form called Wahhabism.